products & packaging

''H2O' , scarf size 900x900mm

'H2O', foulard dim 900x900mm

DURALEX, shopping bag & agenda

'FRENCH ID' , book cover & shopping bag

'SWEET POLKA DOT'', scarf size 900x900mm

'PlLUMETIS GOURMAND', foulard dim 900x900mm

MONT BLANC, events shopping bag & note pad

BOHIN, packaging & cotton tote bag 

'PIN BALL IN CHANTILLY', women scarf size 900x900mm

'FLIPPER A CHANTILLY', foulard femme dim 900x900mm

LE CREUSET, packaging set

GARRETT popcorn, mug & cotton tote bag


'NEED AN ASPIRIN' , plates, mug and cotton  tote bag


'HAPPY BDAY' , cotton tote bag & tee shirts, 

leather agenda & purse

'HATS OFF ' , book cover & cotton tote bag 

'ESTHER's MOOD ' , packaging & cotton tote bag 

'DRAWING CLASS', book cover and leather pouch

'APOLLO 50', cotton tee shirt & tote bag

'NEED A NAP', cotton tote bag 

'UP IN THE AIR', skate, case & cotton tee shirt

'URBAN WAVE', cotton tee shirt

SHUUUUUUUUUSH, book & merchandising

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